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Donations to the Friend in Need program are utilized to assist individuals with utilities, rent, a gas card to assist a client so they can go to the doctor, cancer treatment, work  or an interview, a grocery gift card ( emergency only) when the food pantry is closed and assistance with a co-pay on a prescription.

January 2020, the Friend in Need program was utiltized to assit victims of an apartment building fire.  Funds collected helped to relocate 9 families and helped with 1st month rent, water or utility deposits .  Housing Counselors from Menard County Housing Authority ( HUD approved counseling agency) assisted clients in seeking the resources they needed to relocate.

 All requests are reviewed  Contributions can also be made in memory of or honor of a family member or friend.

Donations may be mailed or delivered to:

Central IL Services

101 W. Sheridan Ave., P. O Box 168

Petersburg, IL   62675